True Story

Designed for clique

Welcome to the True Story game. You will talk a lot and listen a lot in this game. This game will help you spend a great time and get to know each other better.

For the full version of the game, three or more players are needed (the more, the better). If you want to play alone or the two together, then read the "alternative applications of the game" at the end of the rules. Ok, let's get started.

Side to move:
  1. The player making a move first is determined by drawing lots with the help of Siri or Google's assistant ("Hi Siri, choose a number from 1 to 5").
  2. 2. Next will be the player on the left hand side.
Course of the game:
Each round consists of four stages:
  1. Definition of the topic.
  2. Storytelling.
  3. Voting and distribution of notes.
  4. Admission.
  1. The player takes one note out of the jar and reads the topic on the note aloud to all other players. Then he puts it in the center of the table, this is the "bank". If there are 5+ players, then two notes are left and everyone has the right to choose which topic is more interesting to him/her. If there are 9+ players, then three notes are given. 13+ players get four notes. And stuff like that. In the next round, the player on the left hand side from the previous player takes out the note.
  2. Players take turns telling stories on the topic presented. The first one to tell the story is the player pulling notes from the jar in this round. They may be true or false in the choice of players. At the end of each story, the player must add “It’s true”, “True story”, “That was what had happened” or any other phrase that emphasizes that the story told was true. The remaining players at this time listen to the narrator. The next move goes to the player on the left hand side and the stage is repeated. Players have the right to skip a move, but not twice in a row.
  3. When all the players have told their stories, the vote comes. Each player votes for that story, which seemed to him/her the most unusual and which, at the same time, he/she considers to be true. - You cannot vote for yourself. - You cannot vote for one player for two rounds in a row. - You cannot vote for a player who skipped a move. - You cannot vote if you skipped a move. - You cannot help but vote if you have not skipped a move. - If everyone except one player skipped a move, he/she wins the round. - If everyone except two players skipped a move, then everyone votes. - During the voting, you can discuss stories and “fight” for votes. - The winner of the vote takes the note for himself. - If there is a tie in the vote, then the note(s) remains in the "bank". In the next round, the winning player will take the entire “bank” to himself. “Bank” burns out if notes in it cannot be played for three rounds in a row. Vote objectively, otherwise the game may lose its interest.
  4. At the end of the round after the distribution of the notes, each player must admit whether he/she told the truth or a lie. After this, a new round begins from the first stage.
End of the game:

The number of rounds is equal to the number of players. When all the rounds are played, the notes are counted and you can either end the game and announce the winner, or continue the game and play a new series of rounds. The decision is made by the vote of the players.

The player having the most notes is the winner. In the event of a tie, one additional note is played out between the leaders. Everyone can vote.

Alternative applications of the game:

If you decide to use the game the two together, the elements of excitement disappear. For you, our game is a source of topics for conversation that will help you get closer.

By playing alone, you can use the topics presented to develop the skills of a writer or speaker. Choose a note from the jar and you need to write a story/post or tell yourself a story on the specified topic. The effect will increase if you limit yourself in time (30 minutes), in volume (1000 characters without spaces), in the choice of topics (write exactly the topic that you got, and do not look for “easier” one). In addition, you can try writing several stories on each topic.

We are sure that there are alternative options that we are not even aware of. If you have an idea, we will be happy to hear from you. Moreover, we will be happy to share it with the rest.


We will be extremely happy if you like our game, if it brings you joy or benefit. We always welcome your feedback on social networks. We look/read everything that we find and every time it warms the cockles of our hearts. Thanks!

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What are the topics?

The story of how I did not succeed the first time.

How I let myself be deceived by advertising.

Sex challenge Creative Challenge