Sex Challenge

For loving couples.

The jar "Sex Challenge" is designed for loving couples. It is aimed for strengthening relationships and shaking up your sex life.

Every time before sex, you get one task. It can be simple or complex, it can be for a man, for a girl or for both. You need to accept the set conditions, fulfill the task and sincerely share with each other impressions about it. This jar is especially good for helping to understand the desires of your partner better and subsequently your sex will forever be better than it was.

Number of notes: 100 pcs. Jar of a volume of 400 ml, height: 112.5 mm, diameter: 75 mm. Color of paper and labels: red with purple. Hand made in Europe.

What are the tasks?

For men:
Ask the girl to write you instructions for her satisfaction and fully follow it.

For Women:
Turn on any porn movie and repeat everything after the actors.

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