Creativity Challenge

For those who want to develop their creativity.

The jar “Creativity Challenge” contains 100 tasks for the creativity development. The tasks are different: to think and to create. All are interesting and “make” you try to prove yourself in different areas.

Creativity is the main skill of the 21st century. The ability to create new things, look at the world from different angles and see different solutions to problems - isn’t it cool? Creativity Challenge is a great gift for anyone! Moreover, it is a delightful investment in yourself.

Number of notes: 100 pcs. Jar of a volume of 400 ml, height: 112.5 mm, diameter: 75 mm. Color of paper and labels: yellow with orange. Hand made in Europe.

What are the tasks?

Write a story consisting of no more than 50 words.

Create and launch your challenge among friends.

True Story Inspiration